03 Jun '16

The Honeymoon Living Radio Show Today

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Catch us on The Honeymoon Living Radio Show, Fridays at 2-3pm CST.

Listen and Join The Honeymoon Living Radio Show and Dialogue!

1. Listen to the streaming online show

  • Live (Fridays 2-3pm) at this link 

2. Listen on-demand to the previous show

3. Listen on the mobile app anytime

4. Listen on your radio dial

  • (if 20 miles near of Kerrville Texas), on KERV 1230AM (On Kerrville’s Original Radio Station).


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02 Jun '16

Are these activities really available to a person near or dear to you?

Posted by Wladimir and Elyssa Joseph
We have some special news about ongoing and upcoming events we think will benefit someone near you or in your community. We could use your help. If you would, could you help and share the time-sensitive news of the below mentioned three beneficial events and services with one or more person dear or near to you? Thank you in advance for your help in sharing the news of the ongoing and upcoming events! Here is a recent testimonial we received from Sandie (not her actual name) who shared about the newfound shift and clarity she has had through our work, supporting her, the singles, the married and the in between. 
"Thank you for following up! Everything is going well: I am praying for my husband every day since we spoke; and praying for God to change me and shape me into the wife He created me for my husband :), God is giving me all the strength and tools for it. He is teaching me how to communicate and how to ask for things from others, also how to ask for help. I enjoy it as I am growing closer to God :) And my "Breaking Free" Bible study is equipping me as well. I love how things and people appear when you ask for it! God is so good!!! I love discovering the life of being His bride and getting prepared for Him! :)"
(This was a consultation performed via Skype/Google Hangout, and Sandie used a free-first-come-first-serve consultation, event #2 from the events listed below)
Below is a snapshot of the three beneficial events.
1) The Kerrville War Room Study Group (JUNE)
6 - 8:30 pm, Thursdays in June (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, & 30th).
1127 E Main St., Kerrville (BCFS Hill Country Resource Center)
"Going deeper in the War Room Movie." (Free RSVP), RSVP options: http://honeymoon-living.com/warroomemail WarRoom@HoneymoonLiving.org, call/text 413-337-2346.

2) Free Weekly Coaching Hour For Singles, Marriage, Relationship, and Youth
Mentoring Hour. (WEEKLY)

NoonMondayWednesdayFriday (First-come, first-serve)
1127 E Main St., Kerrville (BCFS Hill Country Resource Center). RSVP
options: http://honeymoon-living.com/RsvpFreeCoaching, email
FreeCoachingHour@HoneymoonLiving.org, or call/text 413-337-2346.


3) Kerrville Community Movie Night  (JULY)
Thursday, July 21st6 - 8:30 pm. 1127 E Main St., Kerrville (BCFS Hill
Country Resource Center). RSVP options: http://honeymoon-living.com/RsvpJulyMovie, email RsvpJulyMovie@HoneymoonLiving.org, or call/text 413-337-2346.

Feel free to forward this in invites or email forwards to others near or dear.
Thank you much!

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