Twogether In Texas and Marriage Oneness Premarital Counseling

Twogether In Texas and Marriage Oneness Premarital Counseling

$ 237.00 

Are you married or planning on getting married? Do you want Twogether In Texas premarital credits towards your marriage license? Do you have hope for a great marriage and would like research-proven strategies for achieving great marital communication and oneness in your future or current marriage?

Did you know research is showing online dating (eg., sites like Eharmony.com, Match.com, ChristianMingle.com) can help make long-term and stronger marriage relationships?

Let's say you don't know or care about the research. Would you like help to create or maintain an online dating plan that is robust to increase success in your Christian online dating? 

Power-packed 20-minute sessions designed to help keep you on track while climbing over the obstacles in your way. Get direction and/or accountability while reaching your online dating goals? Or need to break down your online dating plan into bite-size pieces? Then, “Christian Online Dating 411” is the right choice!


Picture of Wladimir's custom wedding ring for Elyssa after matching with her from Eharmony.com