We have opened a “Honeymoon Living Store” which features items that we know works, and will undoubtedly help others along their pathway to a marriage that they can be celebrated, or a fun-filled rewarding single or dating life that is thriving.

Check Out Our Latest Featured Book: The Power Of A HONEYMOON™ Marriage. 

After 70 combined years of being single, my bride and I wrote the book that we needed before we got married, and the book we needed to inspire us during our marriage.

Now someone’s daughter or son can get a first-hand guide, strategy and encouragement at how to save his or her virginity and first-and-ever kiss for the wedding altar (even after 33-years old). Also, a husband and wife can dream again together about a honeymoon love and get practical tips on getting back to their honeymoon love with their spouse.

We are fortunate to share the learnings and experiences that will bless the Christians in their singlehood or marriages and at any stage of their lives and no matter if they have made mistakes.

The book is also available at major other online and local stores, Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.com

We sincerely believe it will uplift the value and worth of marriage (and thriving singlehood) in the Christian community. Thank you sincerely for this opportunity to celebrate marriage and singlehood alongside you.